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Step into the excitement of "As Seen On TV" and embark on an unforgettable game show journey filled with thrilling challenges, laughter, and the chance to make history.


Elevate your event with FARRAGO LIVE - the ultimate GameShow in excitement and engagement where EVERYONE becomes a contestant and plays, laughs, and bonds! 


Experience the ultimate action-packed adventure, inspired by a hit TV show, where teams compete in exhilarating 60-second challenges to be the ultimate winner. 


Cut loose with Mixology ~ where you turn from ordinary business associate into one of the country’s hottest mixologists and conversationalists!  


Ignite your team's competitive spirit with Qualify to Compete - The Olympics Edition, a heart-pumping rivalry with an award-winning finish.


Engage attendees with a fun and competitive team event that uses our game app to guide teams through nearly 100 tasks, creating a dynamic experience.

Blind Auction.png

Experience the exhilarating Blind Auction, where teams strategize, communicate, and build consensus to outbid the competition in curating the best art gallery in the world! 


Prepare for an exhilarating airborne adventure! This  take-off of the RedBull Flugtag immerses you in a captivating atmosphere of nail-biting competition.  


Unleash your team's competitive spirit with LIMPICS - the ultimate high-energy teambuilding event where laughter, camaraderie, and crazy relays collide!


Pit Stop Challenge – a purpose-driven event that gets attendees revved up and ready for anything you throw at them. Drivers, start your engines!

Sand Castle.png

Unleash your creativity and leave boring sandcastles behind at the Sand Sculpture Extravaganza, where teams create awe-inspiring masterpieces on the beach.


In this event, guests show their whimsy and creativity in a Showdown to build the best Tiki Hut with the most enticing activity to draw guests in.  


Experience the thrill of the Derby Races as you cheer, bet, and strategize your way to victory in this high-energy and easy-to-learn game.


Guestimate: The ultimate icebreaker experience that sparks laughter and camaraderie by making the game all about YOU! 


Showcase your boldness, intelligence, creativity, and resourcefulness while solving interconnected clues and executing live-action showdowns.


The event has a ‘carnival’ feel – you can play any game as many times as you want. Compete in activities  to test skills, nerves, and talents as you compete for the glory!


Step into the world of SQUAD GAME, where the pursuit of survival merges with action, suspense, and the quest for victory, creating an unforgettable team-based adventure.

Teambuilding Events

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