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Business Games


Experience the exhilarating challenge of 'Beat the Box' as teams unlock, solve, and race against the clock fostering teamwork and problem-solving skills along the way.


Unleash creativity and collaboration in the electrifying world of Chain Reaction, where limited time and resources lead to an exhilarating sequence of cause and effect.


Navigate rooms in the virtual world, relaying information and clues with your real-world team to open doors and solve clues. Teams put together their strategy and build a plan of action. 

Opening Bell.png

The Opening Bell challenges you to maximize earnings on the frenetic trading floor! In this fast-paced adventure, you'll immerse yourself in a dynamic market where your negotiation and strategic skills will determine your financial success. Will your "Brokerage" beat the rest?


Rat Trap is the ultimate chain reaction challenge where teams construct contraptions to trigger an ingenious sequence of events!


Spread warmth and love to shelter dogs through blanket-making: a heartwarming team activity that makes a tangible difference. 


Embark on the exhilarating Clipper Classic and defy limits by building and racing cardboard boats across a pool. Which teams will cross the finish line intact?  


Ignite your team's creative potential with a powerful event where visionary inventors wow the legendary Sharks! Everyone has a role to play in this experience - what will yours be?


MONSTERS is a thrilling and engaging event where teams collaborate to construct cardboard monsters representing workplace issues, utilizing their unique superpowers to creatively address challenges while crafting compelling stories around haunting problems.


SynergyK goes beyond entertainment by providing comprehensive team reports that analyze scores from each minigame, offering valuable feedback on team collaboration and problem-solving.


Unite, defy limits, and build sturdy bridges to strengthen teamwork, unleash imagination, and achieve impossible goals together in a thrilling event.


We charts new territory by making this event a LIFE SIZED version and giving it a spin that will deliver your business message in a way your attendees won’t soon forget.


Unleash your team's creativity, foster collaboration, and ignite innovation with the immersive and unforgettable Lego Challenge. You'll be building relationships while building Lego masterpieces.

Peak Performance.png

During this simulated challenge teams guide their clients to the top of Mount Everest and then safely back to base camp and just like in business, they must take into consideration all of the factors that will affect the mission in a constantly changing environment. 


An exhilarating pirate-themed game that combines high-stakes negotiation, strategic networking, and thrilling adventures as players aim to amass a fortune in treasure.

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