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Art of Networking: Spark connections, foster creativity, and leave lasting impressions through fun and engaging networking activities and collaborative art.


Guestimate: The ultimate icebreaker experience that sparks laughter and camaraderie by making the game all about YOU! 

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This event spurs guests to share things that would almost never come up but are interesting, authentic and more importantly spark undiscovered passions, and interests.


Guests are privy to hidden clues, which they share after learning about each other while they mingle with their fellow attendees to solve a murder and figure out who done it!


This high-tech, fast paced game pits mano-a-mano in zany challenges sure to bring out the fun of your group! Will they be competitive or collaborative - we'll see!


Guests all take on an alternate identity - as one ingredient of a drink.  Mingling around the party are maraschino cherries, gin, creme de cocoa, ice cubes, etc. The object is for them to mingle to find one or more ingredients that combine with them to “make” some type of drink.

Networking Events

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